Using Your Blood Pressure (BP) Device

What Do BP-Devices Do?

The Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic, wireless blood pressure monitor that uses the oscillometric principle to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate.


Connecting the Base to Cuff

Connect the base (which can hold your phone) to the cuff by inserting the tube into the base like the picture. Make sure it is fully inserted while you use the cuff.

  • Go to Wearing Your BP Cuff

To pair the device to your smartphone, follow the same steps as other devices (instead selecting the BP Device).


Wearing Your BP Cuff

  1. Pull the cuff end through the metal loop (loop positioned away from your body).
  2. Place your bare left arm through the cuff (red arrow up).
  3. Position the cuff 1/2"(1-2cm) above the elbow joint.
  4. Tighten the cuff by pulling it towards your body, securing it closed with the Velcro strap.
  5. While seated, place your hand, palm-side up, on a flat surface.
  6. Position the monitor in the middle of your arm so that it is aligned with your middle finger.
  7. The cuff should fit comfortably around your left arm. You should be able to insert one finger between your arm and the cuff.
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