Using Your Body Composition Scale

What Does Your Scale Do?

This scale is a precision electronic instrument that utilizes ITO Thin Film Technology and pressure sensors to measure body composition values. The measurements are displayed and stored on your devices in conjunction with the date and time of the reading.


Using Your Scale

  1. Install the 4 AAA batteries provided according to the + and – directions.
  2. After the connection is established, take a measurement by standing barefoot on the scale.

Note: Being barefoot is required for the sensors to be able to measure your body metrics.


Pairing Your Scale

Pair the device with your phone in the Ucardia App, NOT in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

  1. Open the Ucardia App and press the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select “My Devices”.
  3. Select “Set Up a New Device”.
  4. Select the Body Composition Scale.
  5. Then your smartphone will start searching devices.
  6. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled.

Tips For Using Your Scale

  • Do not have wet feet or socks on.
  • Do not keep your knees together.
  • Place the scale on a hard, flat surface. (i.e. not on carpet)
  • Ensure your information in the Ucardia App is correct.
  • Make sure the phone's Bluetooth is enabled and the scale is nearby.
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